If you're facing criminal charges in Placer County, you need a Roseville criminal defense attorney who knows the Placer County court system and will fight to defend you. The Placer County District Attorney's Office aggressively prosecutes people charged with crimes in their jurisdiction. You need an attorney with the experience and reputation to defend your rights and fight for your long-term interests.

I have defended clients against all types of criminal charges in Placer County, including theft, assault, domestic violence, vandalism, and DUI. My nearly 20 years experience in criminal law in the Sacramento region - including previous experience as a prosecutor - helps me build an effective defense strategy for each of my clients. Call me at (916) 442-1200 for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your case.

Former Prosecutor Fighting for Your Rights
My past experience as a prosecutor gives me insight into the criminal justice system that allows me to build an effective defense for each of my clients. To someone who has been charged with a crime, the legal process can be scary and overwhelming. Your defense attorney needs the experience to explain the charges in clear language, anticipate what the prosecution will do with your case, and devise an effective defense. I know the strategies that law enforcement uses and will fight to defend you at every stage of the process.

Commitment to Personal Service for Each ClientI pledge to provide each of my clients with individual service. Unlike some law firms that will sign you up and then give your case to an inexperienced junior lawyer, I represent each of my clients throughout all phases of the defense process. The testimonials below from previous clients show the quality legal representation I provide. To read other testimonials, click here or on the link above.
  • Nancy exceeded all of my expectations. Nancy’s hard work got me the best results. I am truly grateful to have run across her when I did and would give her the highest recommendation to anyone in need of a lawyer. -Z.P.
  • Nancy is a gifted lawyer who works hard to get the best outcome possible for her clients. She handles all the calls and appointments required to resolve DMV and court rulings. Her impressive background as a Placer County area attorney with focus on DUI and criminal defense cases of all types gives her the ability to negotiate a fair settlement for her clients and DMV/government offices. It is a pleasure to work with her and a comfort to have her representing me. Thanks Nancy! -Tom R.

Keeping Your Daily Life on TrackThe criminal court system can be confusing and frustrating. I focus on shielding my clients as much as possible from an experience that disrupts their efforts to move forward with their lives. I make every effort to reduce the likelihood that you will be required to be present at court dates. I also manage pretrial hearings and DMV hearings so you can focus your attention on family, work, and other important parts of your life.

Free and Confidential ConsultationCall me at (916) 442-1200 for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your case.