Recalling Warrants

NOW IS THE TIME TO ADDRESS AN OUTSTANDING WARRANTHave you been advised that you have a warrant for your arrest? If you’ve been told that there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest, it is best to handle it proactively. It is important that you contact an experienced Sacramento defense attorney to help you through the process.

People are frequently notified of warrants through DMV, background checks or even through law enforcement. Clients have contacted me because they were advised of a warrant when they applied for a travel visa or for TSA pre-screening. I have had clients advise me that after applying for a job they were notified by the prospective employer that they could no longer be considered because of a warrant for their arrest.

Warrants can be issued for simple reasons like unpaid parking tickets or failures to appear. Sometimes a warrant can be issued under more serious circumstances – new or “fresh” criminal charges, probation violations or failure to complete a jail sentence. And sometime they can even be issued based on government administrative error.

Regardless of the way you found out about the warrant or the reason that the warrant was issued, the matter must be resolved. Warrants will not go away without resolution. The reality is that, if left unaddressed, at some point, law enforcement will serve the warrant. This could happen to you during a routine traffic stop, causing you to be taken into custody and your vehicle being towed. It can happen to you at your work or at your home during the holidays. At best the process would be inconvenient. At worst it can cause you to lose your job, your home or even custody of your kids.

When there is a warrant for your arrest it is a horrible black cloud hanging over your head. That cloud will not go away until the warrant is recalled. If you retain me, I will make it my top priority to ease that burden. We can get started on the process of getting your life back on track.

REMOVING WARRANTSIn many circumstances surrender on a warrant simply requires that you be booked and a release on your own recognizance (OR) with a court date. But in other circumstances bail may be required. In that situation I can point you in the direction of an experienced, reputable bondsman that will work with you on payments and discounts, and treat you with respect. I will help you to decide when and how you want to surrender on the warrant. With my help you can decide when to go through the booking process. If bail is required, you can make the proper arrangements through a bondsman, in advance, so that you spend minimal time in custody. It is important that you contact me, a criminal attorney with knowledge of the local court system so that I can walk you through the process and minimize the damage that can be caused by an unaddressed warrant.

In addition, each county has its own process for surrendering on a warrant and the booking process. I have helped dozens of clients through this process. Because of my knowledge of the booking process in the various counties and my connections with local bail bondsmen and court personnel I can direct you through the process in any of the local counties, including Sacramento, Yolo, Placer, El Dorado and Solano Counties. With my expertise, I can help to minimize the time, cost, confusion and indignity that the process can cause.

Having criminal charges pending against you, and particularly a warrant for your arrest, can be an incredibly stressful experience. It is important that you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney that understands the process and can guide you. I have helped hundreds of people through the process and I’d be happy to discuss your outstanding warrant with you.

FREE AND CONFIDENTIAL INITIAL CONSULTATIONLet me get to work today to recall the warrant that has you in constant danger of arrest. For a free consultation regarding your charges, contact me online or call me at (916) 442-1200.