Recalling Warrants

Now is the Time to Address an Outstanding Warrant

If you know or suspect that you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest, it is extremely important that you contact an experienced defense lawyer immediately. These things do not simply go away by themselves.

Even a warrant for unpaid traffic tickets can result in major consequences. You could be arrested on the job, seriously jeopardizing your employment. Or worse, the police could come for you at home, placing you into custody in front of your kids. Your best option is to meet this head-on with the help of an experienced attorney.

An outstanding arrest warrant is like a ticking time bomb. I can help you regain control of the situation and resolve the issue on your own terms. My experience and familiarity with the county courts in the Sacramento region give me an advantage in these cases. Don't wait. Contact me now to get the help you need to fix the problem before it gets worse.

Removing Arrest Warrants

If you wait until the police have you in handcuffs to deal with an outstanding arrest warrant, your options may be severely limited. The next time you try to renew your driver's license or your next traffic stop could result in jail time -- when you are arrested on an old warrant, there is often little chance of getting released on your own recognizance (OR).

Think of the relief you will feel when you no longer have an outstanding arrest warrant hanging over your head. I can help you make arrangements with the courts to schedule a surrender date, preventing the embarrassment of a public arrest. I will work tirelessly to negotiate terms that will keep you out of jail and will place the matter back on the calendar so you have a chance to handle it the right way.

Free and Confidential Initial Consultation

Let me get to work today to recall the warrant that has you in constant danger of arrest. For a free consultation regarding your charges, contact me online or call me at (916) 442-1200.