Rancho Cordova

Rancho Cordova, which incorporated in 2003, has a population of 45,000 and sits within Sacramento County. It is an ethnically diverse community with a wide range of businesses within its borders, including Aerojet and Vision Service Plan. The city has its own police force that handles patrols and investigations.

Because Rancho Cordova is part of Sacramento County, arrests are processed at the county jail in downtown Sacramento, prosecutions are handled by the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office, and trials take place in the Superior Court of Sacramento County.

The Importance of a having a Qualified Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney
Since all alleged crimes are handled in downtown Sacramento, it's important for you to have on your side a defense attorney who knows the people and procedures of the Sacramento Superior Court system.

Experience and reputation matter. With my nearly 20 years in criminal law in the Sacramento area - including past experience as a prosecutor - I defend clients against all types of charges, including drug possession and sale, DUI, domestic violence, probation violation, theft, hit and run, and juvenile offenses. My reputation as a tough negotiator and skilled trial attorney help me as I fight to protect the rights of my clients.

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Honest and Determined Criminal DefenseMy reputation as a skilled attorney who maintains the highest ethical standards helps me as I work to get the best outcome for my clients. The reality is that most criminal accusations end in some type of plea agreement, and I fight aggressively in negotiations for my clients' long-term interests. If a case goes to trial, I have a proven record of trial success. And I pledge to keep my clients' informed at all stages of the process, explaining in clear language what is happening and the options that are available.

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