Plea Bargains: Negotiation and Criminal Defense

The Importance of Negotiation
When we think of the criminal justice process, the image that comes to mind probably involves a trial, with lawyers questioning witnesses and arguing before a jury. The reality, though, is that most cases - over 90 percent - are settled through negotiation.

The nature of the agreement - or plea bargain - depends on the facts of the case, the disposition of the judge, and the skill of the attorneys involved. If you're facing criminal charges, it's critical to have a defense attorney with the experience and reputation to negotiate the best possible agreement. With my nearly 20 years in criminal law in the Sacramento region, I can help you resolve your case in terms that protect your rights and interests.
Getting the Right Plea Agreement
Negotiations take place outside of the courtroom between the prosecution and defense attorneys. In some instances, a defense attorney is able to convince the prosecution that the district attorney's office should outright dismiss the charges. In cases in which a dismissal is not a possibility, the defense attorney works to get the most favorable terms. This is done by pointing out gaps and inconsistencies in evidence, inappropriate or poorly documented investigation procedures, laws and court decisions that support the defendant's position, and any other weaknesses in the prosecution's case. In addition, defense attorneys with records of success in trial can use that as a bargaining tool during negotiations.

A plea agreement gives something to both sides. Though the prosecution wants a conviction on all charges, it is willing to settle for a guilty plea to lesser charges because of uncertainty of what will happen at trial. For its part, the defense is willing to accept a plea bargain to avoid the possibility of a conviction on the full original charges.
Experience Matters in Negotiation
My previous experience as a prosecutor helps me to effectively represent my clients in plea bargain negotiations. I know how a district attorney's office operates and use that knowledge to defend my clients.
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