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With extensive experience as a Placer County criminal defense attorney, I know what it takes to protect your livelihood, liberty, and reputation. I have the experience and knowledge to fight for your rights if you've been charged with drug possession or sale, DUI, robbery, probation violation, burglary, assault, domestic violence, battery, vehicular crimes, or other violations in Roseville, Lincoln, Auburn, Grass Valley, or other communities of Placer County.

Committed to Serving Each Client

My commitment to providing each of my clients with personal service means that I will not take your case and pass it to an inexperienced, junior attorney. My Better Business Bureau A+ rating shows that I provide the highest quality service to my clients. See the Testimonials page to read what past clients say about my commitment, professionalism, and expertise.

  • "Nancy is a gifted lawyer who works hard to get the best outcome possible for her clients. Her impressive background as a Placer County area attorney with focus on DUI and criminal defense cases of all types gives her the ability to negotiate a fair settlement for her clients." - Tom R.
  • "Nancy King is someone you can trust." - D.V.
  • "Nancy is the kind of attorney who fights hard for her clients and actually cares about them. I recommend her highly." - Shawn

Placer County is rapidly changing from farms and quiet suburbs to a more crowded, densely populated region. With that growth comes a larger, complicated, and intimidating criminal justice system. The Placer County sheriff and the various local police agencies are very aggressive in making arrests and the Placer County District Attorney's Office is similarly aggressive in filing charges and prosecuting. So if you are facing criminal charges, you need a Placer criminal lawyer who knows the policies, procedures, and people of the Placer superior court system and district attorney's office, and has the expertise to devise a quality legal defense.

Investigative Services and Drug and Alcohol Analysis

Building a quality defense may involve the use of investigators and chemical analysis firms to put together a full understanding of the events that brought about your arrest. I work with top P.I.s and drug and alcohol laboratories in the region to help me build a case that protects your rights and defends you against the allegations that have been made. The investigators can go to the scene of the alleged crime to gather evidence and can track down and talk with witnesses. The drug and alcohol labs can analyze blood samples gaathered during an arrest and provide expert testimony at trial.

Driving Under the Influence

If you have been charged with driving under the influence by the Placer County Sheriff, Roseville Police, or another police department in Placer County, then you are facing charges under California Vehicle Codes 23152 or 23153. If the event that resulted in your arrest did not involve injuries, then you have most likely been charged under VC 23152. Most of these types of DUI violations are charged as misdemeanors, though if you have multiple convictions in the prior ten years then you might be facing felony charges. A DUI that involves injuries will usually be charged under VC 23153 and can be classified as either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the specific circumstances. Keep in mind that you can be charged with driving under the influence if you have consumed alcohol or used any drug - including a medication - that impairs your ability to use a motor vehicle. Penalties for all instances of DUI and DUI with injury can be serious. As an experienced Placer County DUI defense attorney, I will fight to protect your rights.

Proposition 64 The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (Proposition 64) gives many Californians with prior convictions for marijuana possession and use the opportunity to seek a reduction in their sentences or even a dismissal of their cases. Call me to discuss your case and determine whether you qualify. If you are eligible, I can represent you throughout the petition process.

Probation Violation Contact me if you are facing arrest because of a violation of probation. There are numerous types of probation violation including failure to complete community service or counseling requirements from a previous arrest, failure to pay restitution, possession of weapons or illegal drugs, or arrest for a new offense. Sometimes the court will step immediately to issuance of an arrest warrant while in other instances it will send out a notice by mail. Whatever the circumstances, it is important to respond promptly and with experienced legal representation to resolve the issue. Call me immediately at 916-442-1200 if you have been notified of a violation of probation. 

Placer County Courthouses

Placer County has three courthouse locations. Where your case is processed and adjudicated depends on the circumstances and location of the alleged violation. Most adult cases are assigned to the Santucci Justice Center in Roseville, a facility that opened in 2008 to handle the county’s growing caseload. Additional court facilities for adult cases are located in Tahoe City. A facility for juvenile cases is located in Auburn. 

Santucci Justice Center
10820 Justice Center Drive
Roseville, CA  95678
(916) 408-6000

Tahoe Court
2501 North Lake Blvd.
Tahoe City, CA  96145
(530) 584-3460

Juvenile Department
11270 B Avenue
Auburn, CA  95603
(530) 745-2100

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Call me at 916-442-1200 for a free consultation to discuss your case and learn more about my extensive experience providing quality criminal defense in Placer County.

Client Reviews
Nancy King was patient, persistent, and polite. She followed up and kept me informed, took a lot of the stress off of me. She was very instrumental in eventually getting the case against me dismissed. It was money well spent. Linda
My son's case involved felony theft and drug charges. We were thrilled when Nancy was able to obtain a dismissal on all charges. My son's now back on track with his career. Nancy is the kind of attorney who fights hard for her clients and actually cares about them. I recommend her highly. Shawn M.
Nancy King represented me on a DUI. I was involved in an accident and had a blood alcohol level of .13/.14. Nancy King kept pushing in the negotiation process. She was able to get me a wet reckless. Nancy King is someone you can trust. She knows what she's doing and works hard for her clients. I recommend her highly. D.V.
I was wrongfully targeted by the police for a felony offense. Nancy took care of everything for me and got the police to realize that they had made a mistake. Everything was handled promptly and professionally and I was able to protect my reputation. D.B.