More Testimonials

"Nancy was well worth the retainer"
We retained Nancy King to assist us in some very pressing matters involving a minor, who could have been charged as an adult, facing 3 possible felonies including a strike. Nancy was able to get it resolved quickly and the charges were dropped down to lesser charges. Most importantly his records can later be sealed and he will not be marked for the rest of his life as a felon. Nancy was well worth the retainer, she was impressive in court and we appreciated the acute attention she gave this matter. She's a quick thinker and knows her business. Thank you Nancy. - Jonnie K.

"She ended up getting all my charges dropped"
I was charged with Domestic Violence, with these charges comes an emotionally charged atmosphere, but Nancy was able to calm my nerves. She promised to get in touch with the DA immediately to see what she could do for me. She ended up getting all my charges dropped. I can't thank you enough Nancy. I should also note that Nancy is very fair and I was able to get in contact with her any and every time that I needed. Once again, I thank you Nancy! - Rob

"I highly recommend Nancy"
Working with Nancy made a tough situation easy. I was pretty worried about my DUI charges going on my record but she worked extremely hard to get all of them dropped. She was very reachable and available to talk about my case, fully willing to answer any questions I had at any time in the court process. Nancy always seemed to be completely on top of the case and allowed me not to worry about it at all. I highly recommend Nancy and her staff for making a potentially terrible situation into one with little to no stress. -R.W.

"Nancy makes you feel like a person again and not a criminal"
I came to Nancy for help with getting a DUI and two other misdemeanors expunged. I had been trying to advance my career with no success because of my criminal background. Frustrated and feeling like a criminal with nowhere to go, I contacted Nancy to take on my case. She was fantastic! Not only was she personable, compassionate, and non-judgmental, she fought hard for my case. She helped me build my case with supporting documentation, pushed for earlier hearing dates and advised me on the best and most efficient course of action. Nancy makes you feel like a person again and not a criminal. I would highly recommend Nancy to anyone in need of legal representation. - D. Z., Sacramento

“I was glad to have her represent me”
Nancy King helped me reduce my sentencing so I could continue my career in the military. I was glad to have her represent me. - Marcos

"We recommend Nancy highly"
Ms. King represented our niece for two very complicated DUI cases. She fought hard and got a resolution that was in the best interests of our niece and allowed her to continue on her road to recovery. Nancy took the time to respond personally to all our inquiries. We recommend Nancy highly. - Charles and Sue B.

"Nancy will be there for you as she was for my son and I"
There is nothing like the fear and uncertainty the legal system brings to keep you up at night, especially when it involves your child and you know they have done nothing wrong. For these reasons selecting an attorney was one of the most daunting and important decisions I made; after much research that’s why I chose Nancy.

Throughout the legal process Nancy answered all my emails and phone calls, she figuratively provided the hand holding my son and mostly I needed to be reassured the outcome would be in our favor. Needless to say the outcome was in our favor and I could not have been more pleased with Nancy’s service.

I was so pleased with Nancy’s professionalism and legal savvy that I asked if she practices law outside of criminal defense, so I could use her services for all my legal needs. Unfortunately she does not, hopefully I will not need her services again but fortunately for those who will need representation in criminal matters Nancy will be there for you as she was for my son and I. - B.G., El Dorado Hills

"Nancy King is someone you want on your side"
I am forever thankful for representation by Nancy King.  I knew right away, on the phone, that she pays close attention to detail and uses critical thinking and in-depth personal experience to move help you move through the obstacles and get you back on track and focused on your livelihood.

I had an extremely technical, difficult case of DUID (prescription medication).  Nancy explained what I was up against and what my options might be.  She worked on my charges diligently and did not pass the responsibility on to anyone!  She took my case personally and would have been eager to go to trial.  That’s when you get the confidence to move on.  She encouraged me to consider the outcomes of each scenario and spent the time to uncover every stone, to my advantage.  She got the charges lowered twice and I got back to work!

Nancy King is someone you want on your side. - RJ