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It is not always possible to get criminal charges dropped. Sometimes charges stick. If you were convicted or took a plea agreement, you need an attorney who can look out for your future and fight to clear your criminal record so that you can get your life back to normal as soon as possible.

Expungement is an important part of my long-term commitment to my clients' future success. For adult and juvenile clients alike, it can represent a fresh start with a clear record.

Clearing your record is extremely important in many situations, especially when it comes to applying for a job. After a successful expungement, your record will show that the case was dismissed, allowing you to honestly answer most questions about your criminal history by saying that you have not been convicted of a crime. Contact me today to learn more in a free consultation.

The Expungement Process

In order to expunge your criminal record, I will file a petition to the court to have your case reopened and your plea set aside. To be eligible for expungement in California, you will have to meet certain conditions:

  • You must have successfully completed court-ordered probation and paid all fines, probation fees and restitution.
  • You cannot be currently facing charges in another criminal case.
  • You must not have served time in state prison for the offense for which you are seeking expungement.

Assuming you meet these criteria, it is then my job to convince the court to issue an expungement in the interest of justice. My trial experience and proven ability to advocate for my clients' interests give me an advantage in making a case for expungement and persuading the court that you are not likely to commit additional crimes. Expungement does not erase an arrest, conviction, or guilty plea. Certain employers, especially the government, can still access your history. Nonetheless, expungement can be beneficial to people looking to advance their careers or pursue an education.

Fighting to Clear Your Criminal RecordI take pride in providing my clients with quality legal representation that looks after their long-term interests. Here's what a previous client had to say about the successful expungement motion I filed on his behalf:

"I came to Nancy for help with getting a DUI and two other misdemeanors expunged. I had been trying to advance my career with no success because of my criminal background. Frustrated and feeling like a criminal with nowhere to go, I contacted Nancy to take on my case. She was fantastic! Not only was she personable, compassionate, and non-judgmental, she fought hard for my case. I would highly recommend Nancy to anyone in need of legal representation." - D. Z., Sacramento

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