Aggressive Defense Against DUI Charges

In Sacramento, Yolo, and Placer counties, law enforcement and prosecutors take a hard stance on DUI charges. People convicted of driving under the influence can face severe penalties, including loss of driving privileges, fines, and jail time. I will fight to challenge your driver's license suspension and keep you out of jail.

I work personally with each client facing DUI charges. While many defense firms sign up clients and then hand them off to a less-experienced attorney, I take care of your case from start to finish. I handle all aspects of your defense - courtroom appearances, Admin Per Se hearings at the DMV - so that you can focus on getting your life back in order. Here's what a recent client said about my representation:

I interviewed a dozen attorneys to best represent me for my DUI case. The one that I chose was Nancy King because she returned my calls promptly and answered my questions very professionally. My situation was an unusual one but Nancy believed that we could win the case. We decided to take it to a jury trial pleading "Not Guilty" because of the evidence we had regarding my innocence. Nancy did her research and devoted many hours and we got a full acquittal. I was thankful, relieved and extremely satisfied with the remarkable job she did representing me. I know that I will call her again for any attorney needs and I highly recommend her services. Nancy, thank you for a job well done! Sincerely, Michael

Fighting to Protect your Rights

My primary goal in any DUI case is to have the charges dismissed whenever possible. My past experience as a prosecutor and extensive knowledge of how different counties handle DUI charges allow me to assess your chances of avoiding a conviction. I attack every aspect of the prosecution's case, from a bad stop or illegal search to unreliable field sobriety, breath, and blood test evidence.

California DUI Penalties

The law in California pertaining to DUI is complex. Penalties include fines, jail or prison time, probation, and license suspension, with the severity depending on the circumstances of the violation and the number of previous DUIs. Click here, or on the link at the left, for a detailed description of what can result from a DUI conviction.

DMV Hearings v. Court Proceedings

People accused of DUI in California face two separate reviews of their cases: a criminal court proceeding and a Department of Motor Vehicles hearing. Each is conducted independent of the other, with the outcome of one having no affect on the outcome of the other. What this means is that a person could be found not guilty in the court proceeding and still suffer a driver's license suspension in the DMV hearing, known as an Administrative Per Se hearing. My extensive experience with both types of review allows me to build a credible, effective defense for each of my clients. Click here for a detailed explanation of the DMV hearing process.

Ignition Interlock Device Laws

Beginning in 2010, people convicted of DUI in California faced new laws regarding the installation of Ignition Interlock Devices (IID) on their vehicles. A second or third DUI conviction anywhere in California comes with the option of installing an IID in exchange for a shorter license suspension period. A separate test program - in Sacramento, Los Angeles, Alameda, and Tulare counties - requires the installation of IIDs for all DUI convictions. For a complete description of these new laws, click here.

Related DUI Charges

In addition to standard drunk driving cases, I have the experience and legal knowledge to defend your rights against related charges:

Free and Confidential Consultation

The law regarding DUI in California is complex and the penalties severe. Call me at (916) 442-1200 for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your case. Evening, weekend, and out-of-office appointments are available for your convenience.